Saturday, May 8, 2010

I sent Susan a raku pendant. Wow! What she did with that pendant was AMAZING! Take a look. I can't even begin to imaging how long it took her to do it. I love her use of accent colors that she took from the Raku piece. It is so interesting to see what another artist would do with something you created. Thanks Susan! I hope we can partner again.

Beads of Clay recently (well ok maybe NOT so recently) had us partner with another artist and swap beads/pendant and have the recipient create something from their work.

I partnered with Susan Rouleau from South Dakota. I was so excited to get her package - Inside was a beautiful porcelain pendant with Mother of Pearl and Gold Luster. I wanted to make something where it's elegance would stand alone. I made an off white brocade evening bag with a gold lame lining. Her pendant became the button to hold the bag closed. I added a touch of gold, pearl and golden crystal beading to the bottom of the bag.