Monday, May 7, 2012

I went to the Bead Show in Overland Park yesterday in a monsoon! Have you ever hydroplaned across the highway? That was NOT fun! Spring is in full swing here. I have the herb plants and seeds are planted. I have my new herb markers ready to add to the pots! I have made several types and have them available at my Etsy Store


  1. Hi! Love the Heirloom weeds tag! I am one of your Art bead Earring partners and I can't believe you live in Overland Park! My brother lives in Gardner and we just did a show at Moon Marble in Bonner Springs in March! Small world!

  2. Thanks! And yes, it IS a small world! Moon Marble is magical! It is one of my favorite places to go. Let me know the next time you head this way and we can meet! This week - I am trying to focus on updating Etsy so I will be able to focus on our project next week!