Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Drum Roll.........2012 Art Bead Earring Swap Reveal!

I was so lucky to have as partners Cheryl Brown (Dragonfly Designs in Grande Prairie, Alberta) and Stephanie Haussler (Pixybug Designs, Lawrence, Nebraska).

I have already lost this post once trying to put multiple pictures on one posting.  I will do them ONE at a time.

I waited to open my earrings until they both arrived.  That was yesterday.  It was like Christmas!   I all of my earrings!

The first pair of earrings that arrived were from Stephanie.  They are beautiful!  (I still want to hear the story behind the bees)  I don't know if I am correct in my interpretation but the top bead is marbleized (like a mini earth).  You didn't know it but turquoise is one of my most favorite colors!  In the middle is a bee and finally the flat bead at the bottom looks like it has a jar carved on it - no double to hold all that honey from the bee!

Thank you so much Stephanie!

Here are the other Art Bead Earring Swap participants

Diana Ptaszynski
Patti Vanderbloemen


  1. They are actually lightning bugs and the story is on my blog tomorrow (thursday)! Love your design too!

  2. These are gorgeous and love the dangly affect! Enjoy wearing your gift!

  3. Wonderful earrings! Thank you for joining in the swap!

    ~Diana P.