Thursday, June 7, 2012

2012 Art Bead Earring Swap

These are the earrings I made for the 2012 Art Bead Earring Swap

I made these for Cheryl.  The ceramic hoops that have been stamped using my hand carved mold.
The middle beads have a crackle glaze sandwiched between two silver spacers and black beads.
They of course have sterling silver ear wires.  I hope she likes them!

 These are the earrings I made for Stephanie.  She said she liked bold colors!
They are ceramic loops that have  been pressed with my hand carved stamp.
The inside beads are one yellow bead and tiny clay bead caps at the top and bottom of the  bead.

Tragedy struck.  One of the earrings fell out of her ear and shattered.  :(
I promised Stephanie that I will start making her a new pair on Saturday (My Son and Bekkah are visiting me from Alaska and they will be leaving on Friday.

Here are the other Art Bead Earring Swap participants

Diana Ptaszynski
Patti Vanderbloemen


  1. Love the beads and earrings that you made for your partners!

  2. Wow! Such contrast! Each pair is so dynamic - I like your ceramics hoop components.

  3. I like your ceramic rings so much! Those black ones would be something I would wear every day. Enjoy the day. Erin

  4. Both pairs are lovely! What a shame about Cheryl's "earring tragedy". That's the dark side of making OOAK, they're not easily replaced.

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